Programmes of six day festival

The prioritized programs envisioned as part of the IFTS 2024 are outlined below. These programs are proposed to accomplish the vision of the festival at its thematic level. The programs will serve as tools to explore the concept on a broader and deeper level, ultimately providing a comprehensive achievement. Programs such as cultural tours and the Social Extension Program - IFTS Fellowship are intended to extend the festival to society. 

Social Extention Programme - IFTS Fellowship

Social Extension Programme This is a fellowship program; the selected fellow will receive an award of 10,000 rupees per month for one year. Selection will be based on the applicant's participation in festival workshops or camps. The program's aim is to establish fruitful relationships between IFTS and communities. The selected fellows have been offered the opportunity to engage in part-time collaborations with specific communities for the upcoming year.

Students Meet

The primary aim of the meeting is to create a safe and supportive space where students can openly engage in meaningful discussions, presentations, exchange valuable insights, and anticipations and provide mutual encouragement. 

Winter Theatre Production Camp

 A thirty-day camp has been arranged to occur just before the IFTS 2024 event. This camp will provide an opportunity for individuals of diverse cultures to collaborate in creating and observing a theatrical performance centred around Ecology, utilising a process-oriented approach. The camp will be led by two globally reputed resource persons. 

Cultural Tour

Cultural Tour The proposed itinerary is intended for a comprehensive exploration of the rich culture and diverse ecology of the region. This carefully curated tour programme encompasses visits to fishing villages, plantations, and rural farming communities and opportunities to learn about the challenges facing indigenous cultures and traditions. 


The IFTS workshops provide an opportunity for students from participating theatre schools and young invited theatre practitioners to receive training from esteemed theatre makers, technicians, and designers of international renown.

Students Productions

The showcasing of short productions by students of various theatre schools offers a unique platform to highlight their talents and observe the training of emerging artists from diverse regions across the globe.

 Cultural Exhibition 

It was deemed imperative to provide ample opportunity for showcasing the traditional and folk arts of the region. This would enable us to effectively convey the depth and diversity of our cultural heritage to the esteemed participants and visitors hailing from different parts of the world.